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Introducing the Go! Loan

If you've paid off your last loan in full, you are now eligible for our streamlined GO! Loan. With the GO! Loan it is easier, faster and safer to get the cash you need!!

  • Streamlined underwriting and approval process!*
    You've proven yourself already, so there is no need for some of that extra verification. Just login, verify and submit!
  • No more spammy emails and phone calls!
    When you apply online for loans or other services, your information could be sold to various third parties. When you log in and apply through our customer portal, your information is securely stored and never sold!
  • You automatically get $15 per $100 borrowed!
    No promo codes or waiting for special offers. Each and every day, whenever you need the money, you can save!

What Do I Do?

If you are a returning customer, all you have to do is log into the portal and verify and submit your application information. We'll still need to chat with you, but we'll be able to get you approved quickly! If you have any questions or problems with the application, you can also call us at +1 877-562-4980 or email us at

If you currently have an outstanding loan, once you pay off your loan in full, you'll be immediately eligible for the GO! Loan!

* Not a guarantee to lend. Some additional underwriting may be required. Loan approval is based, in part, on past loan repayment history.

** Discount is applied only to the first finance fee, making it $15/$100. If the loan is not paid in full on the first payment date, and is rolled over into a new loan, the full standard finance fee will be applied ($30/$100). This cannot be applied to current or past loans.

Consumer Rights Coalition

The CRC (Consumer Rights Coalition) is dedicated to preserving access to credit. Visit the CRC website now to share your story and to hear from real consumers across the nation about the importance of access to credit.

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  • Take action ... Get the facts!
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